Language Solutions for Startups & SMBs

Customize your path to global growth with bespoke language solutions for startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and founders.

As a language and localization specialist with a background in the tech industry, I provide consulting, translation, localization, and scalable, AI-driven content strategy services and language solutions for startups that help you succeed in an international marketplace.

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Localization, Translation, Content and Consulting Services That Propel Growth

Choose from a dedicated scope of strategies and language solutions for startups and small businesses in four core areas to help you reach new markets, navigate cultural disparity, and grow your business.

Skip the bloated agency overhead and get personalized service directly from an industry expert.

International Development

Localization Consulting →

Fast-track to scalable international traction with a tailored localization strategy to build and optimize your roadmap, resources, program management, and automation.

Global Market Kickstart

Get the market research you need to make informed decisions and gain new ground with a strong partner for interim language operations and international product management at your side.


Bridge cultural disparities, mitigate risk, and adapt to diverse markets with content audits, assessment, and editorial strategies for creating culturally relevant content.

Multilingual Social Media

Develop a nuanced multilingual strategy for your socials to drive engagement and optimize your presence across diverse markets, enhancing global connections.

Localization Services

App Localization

Expand your app’s reach with expert localization services. Attract new users, increase downloads, and engage global audiences with culturally relevant translations.

Social Media Localization

Boost your brand’s global appeal with tailored content that resonates culturally, lifts your engagement rates, and connects to followers worldwide.

Software Localization

Tap into new markets around the world with professional localization. Engage and delight global users, and drive success with the power of a localized interface.

Marketing Localization

Maximize your marketing impact by speaking your users’ language. Increase engagement, boost conversions, and build your brand with culturally relevant localized content.

Native-Speaker Translation Services

SEO Translation

Get ahead of the competition with effective SEO translation. Improve your landing page search ranking, attract more traffic, and convert visitors.

Website Translation

Open new doors for your business with expert website translation. Reach more customers, increase sales, and expand your brand’s reach – all with the power of language.

Social Media Translation

Boost your global reach with translated social media campaigns that align with your brand’s tone, engage international audiences, and grow your following.

Specialist Translation

Get specialized English translation for your technology and marketing content. Effective, native-speaker quality for newsletters, software documentation, press releases and more.

Editorial Services & Content Solutions

Multilingual Social Content

Create compelling multilingual content for your social media channels that turns impressions into engaged followers.

AI Content Editing

Get the best of both worlds with post-editing services for AI-generated content. Improve accuracy, readability, and factuality with professional editing.

Professional Copy Editing

Ensure all of your content is high-quality and error-free with expert copy editing services. Enhance the clarity, readability, and impact of your content production.

SEO Content Creation

Drive organic traffic and get your content in front of more eyeballs with editorial SEO and on-page optimized content. Hit your marketing OKRs with greater visibility and more clicks.

Let’s explore how your business can grow with the power of language.